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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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to the city. south bay finally picking up a few showers. you have been dry for much of the day, no rain officially reported at san jose. zooming out, showing you the radar from the california oregon border to the bay area, we'll soon be receiving the heaviest rainfall anywhere on the west coast. nearly half inch for ukiah, one- third inch for larkspur. perk .18." check out san jose berkeley .18." san francisco officially in downtown .06." we have gone through the less juicy part of the storm. things will get more active as we roll through the evening as there's more juice in the atmosphere and that is headed our way. we'll talk about how much longer the rain will stick around and how much much additional rainfall to expect. our ann notarangelo is in corte madera. we know every little bit helps. but the big question tonight is, will this actually help our thirsty reservoirs? >> reporter: yeah. it doesn't seem to be doing much. in fact, here along 101, the
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rain isn't even affecting the evening commute. one person called it a teaser storm getting us ready for the rainy season but it really doesn't affect our water supply just yet. >> we have received just about .01" of rainfall so far. >> reporter: it's enough rain to remind us how much more we need. >> just don't think we are going to get enough rainfall out of this particular storm to make much of a difference. the vast majority of the water that's falling from the sky right now is going to soak right into the ground. >> reporter: unlike many bay area water districts that rely on the sierra snowpack for their water supply, the sonoma county water district's reservoirs are filled up by rainfall runoff. and this storm isn't doing much. soil moisture in the ukiah area is at a 100 year low and we need about 8" of rain to start triggering runoff. >> well, it will flow into our river, which is where we get our water from, as well as into the reservoirs, where we'll store that water and save it for next year. >> reporter: it's also the case
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with marin municipal water district. heading into today's storm, the reservoirs were 95% average capacity. the district averages nearly 7" of rain by in time each year and before today, had recorded a little more than an inch. >> we really are dependent on rainfall. we get 75% of our water from our own reservoirs right here in marin county. we have seven of them. >> reporter: anecdotally there are reports today's wet slick roads caused more accidents than usually and the santa rosa chp says their scanner was busier. the traffic manage mer center in oakland says the number of accident calls today has been about the same. for some, this rain has been nothing more than a nuisance. but if you work for a water district, any rain is seen as positive. >> it's a watering everybody's garden which means they can turn off their water which means saving more water in our reservoirs. >> reporter: water district managers are hoping that the forecast is right and that the bulk of the storm brings rain overnight and say they will hope that it's much more measurable than what we have
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seen so far today. in corte madera, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> here's a live look at sfo right now. the weather caused significant flight delays throughout the day. if you are picking up or flying out, check ahead. and this storm is bringing snow to the sierra something ski resorts are happy about. several resorts opened this friday. the snow season is coming a little late this fall and resorts have had to make their own snow leading up to the storm. >> and you can track the storm anytime with our interactive hi- def doppler radar. that's on our website, on top of the rain commuters on the bay bridge dealt with a big backup because of water in the lanes near the toll plaza. crews temporarily shut down to inspect the drainage system and for a time the backup extended past yerba buena island. any minute we are expecting a crowd of people to begin a march to a san francisco police station. and here's why.
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this cell phone video shows dj williams being led away by police. he was arrested after an incident at the valencia gardens complex on friday. that turned into a skirmish between police and other neighbors. kpix 5's brian webb has been following this story. he is live in san francisco where a protest is set to get under way shortly. brian. >> reporter: right, liz. we're expecting the protestors to show up over the next hour, destination here at the police substation in the mission district and as you look around the building, over the past 10 minutes a few dozen officers have surrounded the building, riot gear in hand, preparing for this protest. this is a home base to several officers involved in friday night's fight that left a few residents battered and bloodied. >> hey, br, let me see your face i can put it on camera. >> reporter: one of the men roughed up and arrested by police was 24-year-old orlando rodriguez. how are you doing? >> could be doing a lot better for sure. >> reporter: this is orlando
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today still nursing cuts and bruises, scrapes and stitches. he tells me when he got home to valencia gardens last friday, he was walking into a hornet's nest. >> the commotion and that's where i went, just did what everybody else did, came outside like the whole neighborhood did. >> reporter: that's orlando being shoved and attacked by an undercover officer during a scuffle between a pack of police and an angry crowd. orlando took some of the worst of it. >> he threw me down and slammed his knee into the back of my head and that's where this must have came from and punched me twice when my hands were already behind my back. >> reporter: orlando wants to put it behind him but is thinking of hiring an attorney, too. he admits maybe he got too close to the action that day but doesn't believe he deserves what he got. >> it was unnecessary. it was over the top. and definitely something needs to be done. that was the first for me and it was just over the top. >> reporter: orlando tells me all the charges against him have been dropped. that is not stopping the
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protestors from heading this way, which may include the man who started it all, dj williams. we will wait and see if that happens. police look like they are ready and waiting, as well. we'll have an update at 6:00 or sooner if something happens. for now live in san francisco, i'm brian webb, kpix 5. >> we talked to san francisco police about the incident. they said they believe officers followed the proper procedures. sonoma county is investigating its second deadly shooting involving deputies in a month. the latest happened last night in guerneville. deputies shot and killed an armed man after he threatened to kill his wife at the river lane resort. the wife made it across the street to the sheriff's substation. but when deputies arrived at the resort, they heard shots coming from inside. according to authorities, 59- year-old wayne cortright later came out with a high-powered rifle and started shooting at deputies. they fired back and courtright was killed. deputies are now on administrative leave. petaluma police in the sonoma county district attorney's office are investigating.
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a new lead tonight in the murder of a recent college graduate near san francisco nightclub. it started after a fender- bender. kpix 5's rex ryan reports police say they are zeroing in on a suspects. >> playing basketball we were family. >> reporter: six years ago basketball coach monique walton taught that team philosophy at tennyson high school in hart. mel warren was one of her players. it's no surprise warrens with with her friends and former teammates celebrating her wife's birthday in san francisco this weekend. after a fender-bender this sunday morning in the soma neighborhood police say a man opened fire. >> so our homicide investigators have been working on this. we know that they have identified a suspect. >> reporter: investigators say they have pulled video from several cameras in the area. they also talked to witnesses including warren's friends. >> you know, one of them -- she looked at me like really they shot me? she had -- and i know the exact
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face. it's kind of like for real? and then she just dropped. >> reporter: walton says her heart sank when she heard the news. but she has to try to stay positive. . >> so many good times. >> reporter: her favorite photo of her former student is this post when warren graduated from sacramento state last year. but a coach's pride quickly turns to anger for her student whose life abruptly ended. >> a sister, you know, a daughter. uhm, a -- a -- a coach, a mentor, a teammate. uhm -- [ crying ] >> yes. they will come together. they will bond. but there will always be a piece missing, you know? and normal times they always get together, there will be one that's not there. and it's so unfair. you know? >> reporter: ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> police believe only one
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suspect is involved in the case but hope more witnesses come forward with information. car fires tarnishing tesla's reputation. >> oh, that's a tesla, dude! >> how its high-profile ceo is venting his frustration. the unusual step he is taking to put fears to rest. >> a police force bleeding officers. now a bay area city is budging in a battle over pay. what it's giving up to keep officers on the streets. >> we wanted to sell 500 shirts. we sold 1800 by batkid day. >> the buzz over batkid takes on a life of its own and a bay area t-shirt company can barely keep up. how you can still get your hands on one. ,,,,,,
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appears to be over. the city and its police uni the long labor dispute that's been driving police out of san jose appears to be over. the city and its police union reached a tentative contract agreement that would restore the 10% pay cut officers took a
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few years ago. a 4% raise would come as soon as the contract is ratified. that would be followed by 3% raises over the next two years. and a 1-time 2% bonus. >> i'm grateful that they agreed to the 10% paycuts a few years ago. we have been trying to give it back to them as we can afford it and we're committed to doing that over the next 2.5 years. >> we have always contended that they had the money and wished they would have done that a while ago. we have been losing officers the whole time we have been negotiating. i wish we could have taken it sooner. >> police are expected to start voting on the agreement next week, then it goes to the full city council for a vote. thousands of university of california medical center workers are going to go on strike tomorrow. the union that represents about 21,000 employees will picket at five medical centers. but a judge today barred 50 critical care workers from joining in. the union called the strike as a response to what it says was
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illegal intimidation against members who participated in a two-day walkout back in may. rallies are planned tomorrow at ucsf medical center and uc- berkeley. president obama is headed to the bay area for another fundraising swing next week. but donors apparently not too eager to open up their wallets. the president is holding a lunch at the sf jazz center monday. our phil matier reports in the "chronicle" the cheap seats that go for about $1,000 being slashed to $500. the $15,000 tickets to a reception with the president may go for $10,000. the democratic national committee has not commented. it's the president's ninth trip to the bay area in the past 2 1/2 years. two fire trucks collide. now the investigation has uncovered an alarming safety violation. how it led to several firefighters being punished. >> a batkid bonanza! the bay area's tiny hero becomes a global phenomenon. how a t-shirt company is using that hype to give back.
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investigation into three fis involving tesla electric ca. all th the national highway traffic safety administration is launching an investigation now into three fires involving tesla cars. all the attention on the fire incidents has tesla's ceo crying foul. consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains. >> reporter: it was a car fire heard 'round the world. well, the first of three-car fires actually. but these high-end electric teslas are no ordinary cars.
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so each battery fire over the past six weeks has made headline news. >> it seems like maybe we get an unusual amount of attention. >> reporter: and tesla's ceo elon musk thinks all the attention is unfair. lighting up the twitter sphere today he asked why does a tesla fire with no injury get more media headlines than 100,000 gas car fires that kill hundreds of people every year? the answer? depends on who you ask. >> it's probably the automobile industry. >> reporter: some blame the competition like this tweet because the auto and oil industries hate you. others blame a government conspiracy. >> government makes more money on gasoline. they don't make money on batteries. >> reporter: but the experts at point to human interest. >> i think that tesla has captured the imagination and fascination of americans. >> reporter: she points to a combination of high-end technology and musk himself who is working to put a man on mars. she admits all the bad press could be damaging to the electric car industry, which
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many experts tout as safer than gas. in his blog, musk says tesla itself requested an investigation into the battery fire to put safety concerns to rest and insists the fires were caused by accidents and not a problem with the car. even though tesla's currently costing about $70,000, caldwell says it's not just a rich people's problem. >> he wants to roll out a mainstream car for everybody and to get to that point, he has to convince the public that this is a safe technology that people want. >> reporter: and speaking of technology, since roadway debris is believed to have caused two of the fires, musk says tesla has sent a signal to all model s cars telling them to increase ground clearance at highway speeds. this isn't sci-fi, folks. >> thank you. a dramatic collision between two fire trucks in oklahoma.
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the dashboard video just released at the september crash, no firefighters were hurt despite half riding without seatbelts. an internal investigation reveals seatbelt alarms were disabled on purpose and safety devices tampered with on the a majority of the fire department fleet. fixing the problem could top $200,000. and new home video shows the force of those powerful twisters in the midwest. an illinois man filmed this tornado bearing down on his home sunday. as the twister got closer, his excitement quickly turned to fear. he says his son pulled him from flying be bree in the nick of time. at least 8 people were killed in the violent twisters that ripped through four midwestern states. we don't have a storm but we have rain out there. let's take another live look at the commute along i-80. this is in berkeley. that's not a commute. that's a parking lot. slick roads making things a lot slower than usual. >> yeah. we're enjoying the rain
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because we definitely need it. >> you're enjoying it from inside. not driving in it. >> it's much-needed. >> this is late in the season as to get started. hopefully this is the beginning of a normal rainy season. haven't had one in several years. let's show you what's going on outside. san jose the last to get the rainfall. it's just beginning. we are seeing things really pick up as we head towards the evening commute here. i'm talking highway 101 from you in petaluma through novato san rafael to the city across the golden gate. the bay bridge you're wet take 80 all the way out to el cerrito and vallejo you're wet. we're wet on 680 from concord to danville, wet 880 south to hayward and now in the south bay seeing the rainfall in milpitas, san jose, saratoga, los gatos, campbell to burlingame. everything to the west has to work its way through the bay area and it will over the next
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several hours. that said, rainfall totals today not impressive, .06" in san francisco bringing us to a grand total of rain for the calendar year. the driest year on record 9. not even halfway there. tonight we'll get more. so many times i have told you that the storm track was well to our north. i said it like 20 times in a row. not this time. this time the storm track is heading right into northern california. and as we get to the juiciest part of the storm, we will see rainfall totals increase pretty dramatically overnight tonight into tomorrow. so the front moves through tomorrow. it's going to hang out for several hours. so the rainfall will be around throughout much of the day on wednesday. then starting thursday, here comes the ridge once again taking the storm track back up to the north. we'll have several dry days starting thursday but not tonight. not tomorrow. rainfall totals picked up by our futurecast, do show some impressive totals. this is additional rainfall more than half inch for you in concord and san francisco. and even san jose. getting more than half inch of
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rainfall. so what to expect? steadiest rain overnight tonight through tomorrow morning. the rain will taper off by tomorrow afternoon. sunshine is back for you coming up on thursday. here's your extended forecast. we're wet for wednesday. highs in the mid-60s. thursday the sunshine is back especially in the afternoon. once we get the sunshine we'll keep the sunshine u that's a dry extended forecast. it's raining now, it will rain tonight and tomorrow. >> thank you. holy batman! the batkid t shirts that were made to benefit last friday's make a wish event sold so fast thousands more are being printed. a company in berkeley hoped to sell 500 shirts to support make- a-wish foundation and 5-year- old miles battling leukemia. almost 2,000 shirts are sold and 3,000 more inquiries from around the world. miles' dream was to be batman so make-a-wish foundation, thousands of volunteers, turned san francisco into gotham city for a day. all the shirts sold. they are going to benefit the cause and new orders will be
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filled in the coming weeks. >> and those will be able to be picked up at the sfpd challenge december 7th. we are going to be sending out an e blast to everybody to update that information. if you can't make it out that day we're working on other venues past that to fill orders. >> san francisco police will also be selling the shirts at the challenge december 7th at the aquatic arena. matt suhr is the son of chief greg suhr. proceeds go to make a wish. >> great cause. kpix 5 needs your help to feed families for the holidays. >> i'm juliette goodrich here at whole foods in oakland with my friends here from the montclair 4h. coming up how you can help. what shall we tell our viewers? >> please donate!
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thats where a big push to hp the hungry.. is getting underway.. thanks, juliette. now let's go live to juliette
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goodrich in oakland where a bush is under way to feed the hungry for the holidays. >> reporter: food for families, cbs sponsoring it with whole foods and the alameda county food bank. every year we say there's a greater need but really you're saying this year, there is a need. huge. >> more families are struggling we're serving 600,000 families a month. so help is critical. >> reporter: i want to talk with ashley ericksson interest whole foods. this is about how customers come n if you walk through the door what can we do? >> whole foods is proud to partner with "food for bay area families." there are two great ways that shoppers can donate through our program. bring in food and donate in barrels in any of our whole food markets in the bay area or make a cash donation at the register to feed a family of four in their local commute. >> reporter: tell me the significance of the bags. we can see through them and see
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all the products inside. this is for $10 lunch or dinner. there's some for other increments, as well. >> sure. these are great examples of what people can donate to feed four more. there are 365 items. they are a healthy balanced meal we recommend 365 and 365 organic products. >> reporter: it's a great need throughout the bay area and help. go to any local whole foods. you can bring nonperishables and put them in the can. you can bring money, you can be able to buy one of these bags and alameda community food bank will help distribute them. that's the latest from here. we'll be live at 6:00 with more information on how you can help bay area wide. >> thank you. take care of your voice, juliette. >> save it. >> yeah. [ extremely scratchy voice ] now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. well, newly revealed documents show just how much the obama
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administration knew about the problems with we'll have the details on that plus cheating death. we are going to show you how technology saves so many lives in the swarm of midwest tornadoes. those stories and the rest of the world news coming up tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. right ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight: an update on a story first reported on i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00 tonight, an update on a story first reported here on kpix 5. google
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agrees to take down a photo of a body captured on its street view feature. tonight, an update on the investigation. and it's expected to open the door for bright minds and new talents. why bay area entrepreneurs soon won't have to hop on a plane to patent their products. we'll have those stories and a look at all that rain coming up tonight at 6:00. >> thank you, ken. we'll see you then. but let's look at the rain now. a lot of green on the screen. >> it's really filling in now. we are getting into the meat of the storm where we're seeing rainfall now from north to south from ukiah through cloverdale all the way down santa rosa. you're about to get poured on as we approach the 6:00 hour. you see that yellow right there. the city is getting wet, the east bay inland spots now getting wet and now the south bay for the first time this evening you're seeing the showers. the nondiscriminatory rainfall. we have it everywhere and we'll have it everywhere through tonight. flooding absolutely not. but it will be a roughly commute tonight and tomorrow morning. >> thank you. >> careful out there. thank you. thanks for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, the president was told that the web site was in trouble. newly revealed documents show just how much the administration knew about the problems with major garrett's at the white house. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. cheating death-- dean reynolds on why so many survived the midwest tornadoes. the tesla electric car gets top ratings, but now, ben tracy tells us the government's investigating a possible hazard. and chip reid on the search for abraham lincoln 150 years after the gettysburg address. is he in this picture? >> the hair, the high cheek bones and the brow all said to me that was him. captioning sponsored by cbs


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